How to grow strawberries from seeds

As a rule, strawberries are multiplied by antennae, but in some cases this method is difficult to apply. In this case, you can grow any kind of seed. This method is increasingly used because of its simplicity and efficiency. So, how to grow strawberries from seeds at home will be described in detail later in the article.

How to choose a grade?

Choosing a variety is the first thing you have to decide before figuring out how to grow strawberries from seeds. It is important to note that for a beginner gardener it is worth buying hybrid varieties, they are more accommodating and strong. Poor soil, insufficient watering or lack of loosening for them rarely becomes a problem, so growing their sheer pleasure.

Seeds can be bought or collected independently. However, it is important to understand that seeds are collected only from real, basic varieties, and not hybrids. The latter will not give the harvest, if you collect the seeds from strawberries, and not to buy branded bags.

Strawberry varieties

When to sow the seeds?

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Sowing time depends on where the strawberry seeds are planted. So, seedlings can begin to do from the end of February. As she grows up, the weather will be warm outside. The fact is that seedlings need not only to germinate, but also grow in boxes for 2 months. Young sprouts very poorly tolerate transplantation, they need to get stronger in order to subsequently settle down in open ground.

If sowing is done in a greenhouse, then they do it not earlier than mid-April. Although in a heated greenhouse you can germinate seeds at least all year round.

How to prepare the soil and seeds?

From the seeds of strawberries can be grown, as in special land, which is sold in the store, and in the usual, taken from the land. In the latter case, it is well steamed over a pot of boiling water. After such a procedure for 3 weeks, she will be able to restore the necessary balance of substances, while there will definitely not be any larvae, eggs of pests, or the like.

Strawberry seeds are prepared a few days before planting, it is necessary that they simply hatch, so 4-7 days should be enough. The first thing is to soak them in thawed or rain water for 2-3 days. In such water, many useful trace elements, so that for seeds it is much better alternatives from the tap or even from a cylinder. Water needs to be changed every day, it is very important that it does not stagnate and not melt.

When the seeds swell, they are spread out in a thin layer on a saucer, plate or any other convenient, flat container. The saucer is recommended to lay the paper in one layer. You can use any soft material: napkin, paper towel. On top of the saucer cover with plastic and put in a sunny place. It is important that direct sunlight does not fall on the seeds, otherwise they simply dry out.

From time to time the seeds open up to see how they feel. If they dry up, water is added, and when they get stuck, you can start sowing.

How to germinate strawberry seeds?

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Strawberry Seed Planting Scheme

Seedlings of strawberries from seeds are usually grown in boxes of medium depth. In them the earth is filled up in advance and densely rammed. Then the ready, germinated seeds are planted with a match or a blunt end of a needle in previously prepared rows at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other. Seeds are powdered with a thin layer of earth and not tamped. Top saplings need to be watered using a sprayer.

To reduce evaporation it is necessary to cover the boxes with glass or plastic wrap from the top and put them in a sunny place. Every day, the film or glass is removed so that the seeds are ventilated for an hour. Then they are sprayed again if the ground is dry, cover and set aside until the next day.

How to plant seedlings?

Planting seedlings in open ground

Planting seedlings in open ground is carried out 2 months after the emergence of seedlings in boxes. Since it is possible to grow strawberries from seeds at home only by the seedling method, a good place is chosen for young saplings. This should be a sunny spot with a walking shadow. The level of groundwater must not be high, otherwise the plant will begin to rot - an abundance of moisture is just as harmful for it as its deficiency.

The land is prepared in advance - it is fertilized, it is poured on with potassium permanganate, so that the young shoots can settle down well in the disinfected land. Planting is carried out in separate wells, located in several rows. The holes are made at a distance of 30-70 cm, depending on the variety of strawberries. So for large spreading bushes like "Gigantella", "Pegasus", "Maestro" you need more space, and for small "Clery", "Alexandria", "Stolichnaya," Astra "- less.

Strawberry seedlings are planted in moistened wells, then added dropwise and left to settle down. Caring for it is not difficult, as when planting seedlings separated from the antennae of the plant. Sometimes it is necessary to loosen the soil, remove the weeds, fertilize in the fall after harvesting, in the morning or in the evening by irrigation. If all the work is done correctly, the first harvest from the bushes can be obtained in August of the same year.