Black spunbond

Black spunbond is almost universal material used in gardening for over 15 years. It has a different density, can be used for various purposes. The article will describe in detail what a spunbond is, how it is made, and also covers the areas of use of the material and its features.

What is spunbond?

Also referred to as agrofibre, the material has a lot of positive characteristics, allows you to increase the yield of plants, insulate them for the winter without harm to the crop, and the price for it pleasantly surprises.

It is made of polypropylene - environmentally friendly raw materials. Available in different densities and several colors: white, black, brown, black and white, red and white, and red and yellow. Each of them has its own application. According to the type of material, there is also the usual canvas, foil and reinforced varieties.

How to make a black spunbond?

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Spunbond black 150 g / m2 (1.6 / 25 m)

Black material is made by melting polypropylene using the spin-die method. After melting, the fibrous material disintegrates into continuous thin filaments. They are drawn in the air flow and then, under the action of high temperatures, are glued together and laid on the conveyor. The latter twists the material into a large roll. Such thermo-bonding allows to obtain a fabric with a density up to 150 g / m. sq. For more dense raw materials - up to 600 g / m. sq. The needle method of fastening the threads is used.

Black spunbond is produced in different densities, but for the suburban area the density of 17-60 g / m is recommended. sq. At higher rates, it will be difficult for air and moisture to pass through, so it can ruin the crop. Moreover, the denser the web, the worse its durable qualities. For example, spunbond density of more than 60 g / m. sq. can endure only one year of service, and then crumble, especially if there is hail in the region.

Sold in rolls of different sizes. In width there are 1.6 or 3.2 m, in length - from 10 to 1500 meters! For the usual suburban area will be enough rolls of 10 meters, and for large plantations, you can buy rolls of 100-500 meters and a width of 3.2 m.

What are the features of black material?

The positive properties of the black spunbond include ease of use and relatively low cost. Those who have already tried agrofibre at their summer cottage, made sure that it already pays for itself in the first year of service.

The strawberries on the agrofiber are always clean, even after the rain

The technical features of the material should include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • air permeability;
  • translucency;
  • moisture permeability;
  • structure homogeneity;
  • ease;
  • good thermal insulation properties;
  • wear resistance and durability;
  • hygiene.

Another positive feature is that strawberries, such as those lying on the agrofiber, are always clean, even after rain, you can safely eat them directly from the garden, if the plant has not been processed.

Where and what is used spunbond?

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Spunbond increase yields by 30%

Black spunbond is used in construction, gardening, and even handicrafts. Increased yields - the root cause, because of which gardeners around the world began to use it in the garden. To increase the yield, the material is used as mulch - it is laid on the site, pressed along the edges and planted into the holes of the plant.

For these purposes, used canvas with a density of 17-60 g / m. sq. With such indicators, it allows you to increase crop yields by 30%, and besides improving yield, it also prevents the grass from breaking through it. Due to the dark color, the canvas does not allow the weed to grow under it, but it does not interfere with air circulation, it permits moisture and keeps the soil temperature optimal for plants.

As a building material, black spunbond is very popular. The properties of the canvas make it almost indispensable for arranging tracks, sandboxes, building small structures on the site, as well as for laying drainage systems or storing building material.