The better to process the potatoes before planting

Processing potatoes before planting can increase yields, protect planting from pests and diseases. It is usually carried out after the potatoes have already sprouted and is ready for planting, but sometimes the procedure is needed before germination. The following describes what means, how and for what purposes you can handle potato tubers.

What is the benefit of processing potatoes before planting?

Processing of potatoes before planting gives guarantees of high yields and good, high-quality tubers, not affected by diseases and harmful insects. But is it all so simple? Potatoes are processed by many amateur gardeners, and not just farmers who grow crops for sale. This is quite normal, the only difference is how to process potatoes and how to do it. In everything there should be a measure, and means should be used mostly folk or biological, not chemical. They are effective, although they do not give the best results, but the potato grows absolutely safe for consumption.

Processing potatoes before planting guarantees high yields

If we talk about chemical processing before planting potatoes, then many consumers and even gardeners are against it, because the safety of tubers obtained after baiting is impossible to guarantee. But yields do increase and diseases, planting pests do not touch, so they continue to use. And yet it is worth mentioning that the use of chemicals is necessary only in the correct doses, such as those indicated on the package. A stronger concentration for culture and man is very harmful.

Colorado potato beetle and wireworm processing

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Pest control begins before they appear. If you treat potatoes before planting with special means, you can increase their resistance to pests, which means that the high quality crop will be much larger.

  • "Prestige" a very strong substance that can cope with the wireworm, the Colorado potato beetle and fungal diseases. It is used only for mid-season and late varieties, as it is long split in the plant.
  • "Matador Grand" - insectofungicide systemic action. It helps against most of the existing pests of potatoes. He also deals with diseases such as perinospora, rhizoctoniosis, blight, macrosporosis and alternariosis.
  • "Commander" - systemic action insecticide. Helps against almost all pests.

    Pest control begins before they appear.

In addition, you can apply the "Masterpiece", "Aktara". Use all these tools in a very simple way. Potatoes spread on film. Then the solution is prevented (proportions are indicated on the packages), poured into a spray bottle and potatoes are sprayed from it. Now it remains to shake the tubers so that they are all treated with the tool, and dry them.

Folk remedies against pests do not, because insects quickly get used to different substances. So even if the processing of potatoes before planting is carried out by something popular, the effectiveness in comparison with the action of chemicals will be very low.

Preparations for the treatment of potatoes from diseases

Disinfecting against fungal and bacterial diseases reduces the risk of at least some illness on the potato during its growing season. It takes place 2 days before landing, but if there is no time, you can hold it 2 hours before landing. Sometimes it is carried out before the germination of potatoes, but it is less effective.

Disinfection of fungal and bacterial diseases

  • Of the specialized means for processing potatoes before planting, we can recommend Fitosporin. It inhibits the development of fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • "Kvadris" - a drug that prevents the development of late blight, perinosporosis, silver scab, rhizoctoniosis, Alternaria and other fungal diseases.
  • "Maxim" is a contact fungicide that protects potatoes from almost all fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • If the planting material is treated before germination, a mixture of fertilizers can be used. 60 grams of superphosphate, 40 grams of urea, 10 grams of boric acid, 5 grams of copper sulfate, and 1 gram of potassium permanganate are taken to 10 liters of hot water. Everything mixes well, cools to + 20 ... +25 degrees, and potatoes are soaked in solution for 20-30 minutes.

In addition to chemical and mineral remedies, you can use folk remedies. Processing potatoes before planting diseases using folk methods is also considered very effective.

  • Germinated potatoes sorted, then poured a solution of potassium permanganate (1 g / 1 liter of water) and incubated for about half an hour. After that, take out the tubers and smash ashes. Once the potato is dry, it can be planted.
  • 1 matchbox of copper sulfate and 1 g of potassium permanganate is taken for 10 liters of water. Everything is mixed in an enamel or glass container. Then tubers are placed in this solution for 1-2 minutes before planting. You can also simply spray the potatoes with this spray gun, and then dry and plant immediately.
  • 10 liters of water need 1 kg of ash. Tubers are dipped into this solution, then taken and dried. This method not only disinfects, but also fills the planting material with potassium.

Growth Treatment

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Processing of potatoes before planting is carried out in the event that the gardener wants not only to protect the crops from pests, but also to get early seedlings of potatoes. For this planting material is treated with preparations to stimulate growth. For these purposes, potatoes are usually treated a couple of days before planting in open ground.

Growth Treatment

  • "Epin" - biostimulator, one of the safest preparations for processing potatoes. It activates the development of sprouts, increases the yield, improves the nutritional value of root crops. For processing, 1 ampoule is diluted in 5 liters of boiled water and sprayed with potatoes. This amount is enough for 50 kg of tubers.
  • "Poteytin" - time-tested growth biostimulator, which among other things increases the resistance of potatoes to diseases and frosts. The ampoule is dissolved in 750 ml of water, then the potatoes are treated (enough for 60-70 tubers).
  • "Bioglobin" - a preparation of a new generation of mammalian cells. The root system develops after processing 4 times faster, and the yield increases 2 times. In 10 lire of water dissolve 2 teaspoons of the drug. Then the tubers for 30 minutes immersed in the solution. You can plant potatoes only after 30 days.

As for folk remedies, one cannot advise anything here, since there are no such methods of complex action, but you can feed the tubers in a solution of potassium permanganate or simply dip into the ashes, this will give them the necessary elements for growth. But the effectiveness in comparison with the above tools will be very low.

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