How to make a goat feeders with their own hands

Keeping goats can bring a lot of pleasure and benefit. These are interesting animals, cute, funny, and even profitable. However, for their normal maintenance, care must be taken to ensure that the animals have good drinkers and feeders. This article will describe which goat feeders you need to have in the goat barn, and how you can make them yourself.

Why goats goats?

Many types of domestic animals for food and hay are simply given simple troughs or pots. But it is believed that goats are extremely necessary for goats. Why?

  1. The feed in the feeder is protected from dust, dirt, wind, rain. Goat feeders are often put on the street, and even with heavy rainfall with them, and with food, nothing bad will happen, but only if you properly design the structure.

    Goats are very clean animals and do not like eating from the floor.

  2. Goats are very clean animals and do not like to eat from the floor, and when feeding from the trough half of the food is usually on the floor. So, at a minimum, such feeding is not beneficial for the breeder in terms of money.
  3. If there is a lot of food on the floor and some of the most lazy goat or goat decides to eat it, there will be a risk of disease or the development of parasites. And it is dangerous for the goat and expensive for the breeder, who will have to spend money on her treatment. If the goat is not treated, the entire herd may be infected.
  4. Feed consumption in the goat feeder is less. Kids will not be able to play food, animals take only what they need. Throw the feeder on the floor, as, for example, a basin with feed, it is impossible!

Types of goat feeders

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Depending on the material of which they are made and the purpose, goat feeders come in several varieties.

  • Hay feeders have an open type design. Hay is visible, but it does not fall out because of the barrier in the form of a lattice or crossbars. In such troughs they usually put pressed hay, it lasts a long time and it does not fall out. Goats at will can take it as much as needed.

    Types of goat feeders

  • Grass feeders. Fresh greens are an integral part of the goat's diet, the problem is that it is not always easy to give it to them. In the basins the grass is quickly polluted, and in the hay feeder falls out. Therefore, a special design is made for grass. Usually it is floor, low, represents something like a basin, only with crossbeams. You can not turn it over, run along it, too, because of the crossbars, but it is convenient for both young animals and adults.
  • Feeders for feed and similar small write, like mash, usually closed, like the bunker. The food in them is filled up, and gradually rolled into a separate recess for food, from which animals eat. This is both convenient and profitable - there is no overrun of feed.

As for differences in age, adult and young goat feeders are usually not made separately. It is expensive, and additional construction will take up space. For the young, too, reach for hay, additional holes are made at the level of their neck, or they simply hang the feeder a little lower.

What should be a goat feeder?

Before proceeding to the detailed instructions for the manufacture of goat feeders, you need to figure out what should be the design, so that the goats were comfortable, and the breeder did not spend extra money.

  1. Simple. The simpler the design, the easier it is for animals and the plant itself to understand it.
  2. Reliability. Use for the manufacture is only reliable, durable materials. Lightweight, bending, fragile material can not be used, because after a couple of months will have to engage in strengthening the feeder or redo it.

    The simpler the design, the easier the animals

  3. The correct size. The more animals in the goatling, the more needed goat feeders. Of course, giant designs are also not an option, but you can make them longer, or make several instead of one.
  4. Purity. It does not matter, but if you use rusty metal, goats will eat this rust along with food. This is inevitable, because the particles of rust will come off when the goat eats, fall on the hay or in the feed and get into the animal's stomach. The same applies to mold, dirt on wood, etc.
  5. Security. Very sharp corners, a shaky design, poorly connected parts, harmful material can lead not only to illness, but also to the death of the animal. It is necessary to ensure that the design is as safe as possible, and to test it before putting it under the feed in the goat house.

How to make a feeder for hay with your own hands?

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Goat feeders for hay is not difficult to do. It will take no more than 3 hours and all the necessary material.

  • A thin board is nailed to the wall with a distance of 30-50 cm from the floor, another flat board is nailed above it at a distance of 90 cm, but already wider. The length depends on the number of goats. This is a frame, now these boards are fastened with simple wooden panels, of small thickness. They are placed vertically with an interval of 15-30 cm from each other so that the goats can eat through them.

    Goat feeders for hay is not difficult

  • Cot. This is an ideal hay container. It already has holes in the walls through which goats will take hay, as well as a roomy compartment for food. The only thing to do is to attach it to the wall if it is too light or heavy. If there are wheels on the bed, you need to remove them so that the goats do not roll the feeder throughout the room.
  • Two long beams are taken, and joined in the shape of the letter "X". There are two such blanks. Now these blanks are fastened together by a long panel at the intersection of the beams. It turned out something like a trough without walls. The walls are made of vertically arranged sticks or wooden planks on both sides at a distance of 15-30 cm, through these holes goats will pull hay. To strengthen the structure, the legs are fastened with additional panels between them. Upstairs is the roof from rain and snow.
  • The fourth version of the goat feeders is exactly the same as the third, only metal pipes and corners are used instead of wood. It is important to ensure that there are no sharp corners!
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Feeding trough for compound feed from a pipe

For mixed fodder and fodder it is necessary to make such a feeder that does not break, will have a simple approach for goats and kids, and will be able to reliably protect feed from dirt.

Feeding trough for compound feed from a pipe

The easiest option is to take a thick pipe with a diameter of 11 cm or more, and a length of about 1.5 meters, made of metal or plastic. On the one hand, it must be bent. Now turn the pipe so that the curved side was at the bottom, at the level of the head of a goat and attached to the wall. Fasteners must be such that the pipe can be removed and washed. A lid is made of metal or any other material from above, otherwise insects, dust, dirt or even rodents will fall inside. All goat feeder ready. When you fall asleep feed, it will fall into the curved part, but not on the floor, and goats will be able to eat it.

For mash can make the feeder of the old plastic barrel. You just need to lay it on its side, cut off half, so that you get a kind of basin. Now the basis of the construction is made of wood - a framework where it will be possible to put a barrel. In the walls of the barrel, holes are made under the heads of goats (circles or ovals) on both sides. It remains to put the barrel in a wooden frame and fill with mash. Goats and kids will be able to take food from the barrel through the holes made in the sides, and since the barrel is plastic, it will not be spoiled by a wet mash for a long time. The same design is suitable for hay.

How to make a grass feeder?

Goat feeder for grass

The goat feeder for grass is placed at a height of 30-50 cm from the floor, so that individuals of different ages can reach it. The container for laying grass is a long, wooden box. Two long bars 1-1.5 m long are fastened to it in the center from two opposite sides. They are fastened together with one long bar from above. Now you need to attach a vertical stick sticking the edge of a wooden box and a horizontal top bar above it, on both sides.

Thus, a goat feeder for hay type is obtained. Only greens will not fall out of it, and goats will have easy access to food.

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