Autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1

The autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1 is a device that can be used as an autoclave, for home billets or moonshine. It is practical and convenient to use, does not take up much space. Details about this model of the autoclave, its characteristics, features of use can be found in this article.

Home autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1

Autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1 is designed to sterilize food in glass or tin cans. The home autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1 is manufactured in Russia, at the Ural production plant named after Shchukin. Production and assembly are carried out with modern equipment from Russia, Germany, Italy.

The design of the autoclave Robin "2 in 1"

The autoclave is completely safe, does not cause concern at work. It is very reliable, it can be transformed into a high-quality moonshine still. And thanks to the reinforced metal handles, the device can be easily transferred from place to place without fear that they will break under heavy load.

In this autoclave model, Power Inside lidding technology is used. Its peculiarity is that the lid closes not from the outside, as with most other autoclaves, but from the inside. With increasing pressure, it closes more tightly, so it does not break it during operation.

Characteristics of the autoclave Robin 2 in 1

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The home autoclave the Robin 2 in 1 differs in good characteristics. For domestic use, this unit fits better than many other models.

  • The autoclave is made of food grade stainless steel.
  • Tank - 317 mm in diameter.
  • Working temperature is 105-135 ° C.
  • Working pressure - up to 1.5 bar.
  • In the autoclave, you can put the banks with a volume of 0.5 liters, 0.75 liters, 1 liter, 3 liters.
  • Warranty - 2 years.

Photo and characteristics of the autoclave Robin 2 in 1 per 20 liters

Interesting! Due to the reliability of the design, while working under high pressure, it is not deformed.

The package includes:

  • Tank - to load cans and fill the water.
  • Cassettes with discs for fixing cans.
  • Emergency pressure relief valve, which allows, if necessary, relieve pressure for safe operation.
  • The crane for liquid discharge (in all models except 20 liter).
  • Valve clamp, sealing ring.
  • Thermometer and pressure gauge. Due to the presence of these components, it is possible to control the temperature and pressure in the apparatus during operation.

In addition, the kit also includes instructions, and sometimes a book with recipes for this autoclave.

Autoclave Types

On sale there are 4 types of autoclave Malinovka. They differ, first of all, in the volume of the tank and some other characteristics, a complete set.

Photo and characteristics of the autoclave Robin 2 in 1 for 26 liters

  1. Robin 2 in 1 to 20 liters - this is the most simple version of the design. Height is only 26 cm, weight - 9 kg. Wall thickness - 1.5 mm, lids - 2 mm, bottom - 4 mm. There is no tap for draining water. Only liter (4 pcs.) And half-liter jars (7 pcs.) Can be placed in the container. Price - 7990 rubles.
  2. Robin 2 in 1 for 26 liters holds 14 half-liter cans, 4 liter and 1 three-liter. Tank height 33 cm, weight - 11 kg. The wall thickness is 1.5 mm, the lids are 2 mm and the bottom is 4 mm. There is a drain tap. Cost - 9490 rubles.
Important! Autoclave Malinovka can work on gas, electric, induction cookers and open fires.
  1. Robin 2 in 1 PRO 35 l - in height reaches 45 cm. The thickness of the walls and the lid is 2 mm, the bottom is 4 mm. There is a tap to drain. Weight - 15 kg. Inside is placed only one three-liter jar, 21 - 0.5-liter and 8 liter jars. The price is 12,490 rubles.
  2. Robin 2 in 1 PRO 42 l. This model is 55 cm tall and weighs approximately 17 kg. The thickness of the tank walls is 2 mm, the bottom is 4 mm, and the covers are 2 mm. There is a tap to drain the water. The device can fit 28 cans of 0.5 liters, 12 liter cans or 2 - 3-liter. The cost is 13990 rubles.

Instructions for use autoclave Robin

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Photos and characteristics of the autoclave Robin 2 in 1 PRO 35 liters

To autoclave worked well and did not spoil quickly, you need to use it according to the instructions. It is advisable to choose a bright place to work in order to stop the work immediately in case of leaks or steam. Before first use, the autoclave is rinsed under running water, it is possible with the use of detergents to remove factory dirt and dust. After the preparatory work, you can proceed directly to the use of the autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1.

  1. Banks with preservation or stew put on the tape and tighten the disc with a nut so that they do not leave.
  2. Cassettes with banks are placed in the tank.
Important! While the autoclave is hot, the pressure does not descend!
  1. Water is poured into the tank so that it remains about 1-2 cm to the top edge.
  2. A lid is put on, valves are tightened. They can not over-pull, otherwise the cover can be deformed! No need to worry about tightness, because during operation of the autoclave, the lid will additionally be pressed against the pressure from the tank.
  3. Now the stove is turned on or the autoclave is placed on an open fire. Duration of work depends on its type, products in the bank. After the cooking time is over, the fire is turned off.
  4. Before you do something further, you need to wait for the tank to cool. Then pressure, water descends, the cover of the autoclave is removed.

Photo and characteristics of the autoclave Robin 2 in 1 PRO 42 liters

It remains only to get the preservation, dry it, and wash the autoclave. It is best to keep it in clear.

Function of moonshine

The home autoclave the Robin 2 in 1 is a convenient device which can work both as the autoclave and as the moonshine still. In the second case, the mash is poured into the tank, the column is put in place of the emergency pressure relief valve. Now you only need to connect running water and that's it, the device is ready for use.

Important! The reinforced bottom of the autoclave allows it to withstand prolonged heating.

Reviews the autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1

Reviews about autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1 are both good and bad.

  • Dmitry Moroz: “I bought an autoclave to make homemade canned meat. I heard a lot about Robin 2 in 1, so I decided to buy a 26-liter container. I only had this device 3 times. The reason is that even the canned meat turned out good, the device doesn’t seem as reliable as they say it is. , solid nerves and fears. Maybe it's just defective. I got the model, I don't know, but I don't want to use it anymore. "

    Photo of Distiller autoclave Malinovka 2 in 1 and Cover with Power Inside technology

  • Valery Schuka: “They wanted to buy an autoclave for a long time. After purchasing the Robin, I tried it on the fire right away, together with my friends. The device was good, the meat stew turned out to be delicious. During operation, there were no particular problems. pressure was adjusted as needed. It was simple in work, no matter how strangely any problems arose. So I recommend it! "
  • Lyudmila Sytnik: “As I understood with autoclaves, you need to be extremely attentive. I ordered Robin 2 in 1 on the Internet, so I could not inspect the goods, but I didn’t think at home that there could be problems. It did not reach 105 degrees. After about 5 minutes, the design released a strange cotton and blew steam on top. Somehow I managed to get to the stove and turn it off. When the autoclave was cold, I started to look what happened. top side autokl Ava just burst, broke up. As a result, money down the drain and no good! "
  • Igor Panov: “Malinovka’s autoclave was attracted by what works as a moonshine, although you need to buy special parts for this. But in any case I bought it and used it 4 times to make preservation and moonshine. the operation is very simple, without frills. I just didn’t like that there is no timer for the preparation of the preservation, and so everything is fine. "