Why do leaves of Zamioculkas turn yellow

Africa is home to zamiokulkas. It was from there that the plant was spread throughout the world. In the people it is called simply - the money tree. The culture is very beautiful, and despite the fact that it is exotic, care is not demanding. The plant is suitable not only for people with experience, but also for beginners and amateurs. But often the growers notice that the leaves of the zamiokulkas turn yellow. What is the cause of this problem and how to solve it, you can learn from this article.

Why leaves turn yellow money tree

The reasons why the leaves of the zamiokulkas turn yellow may be many. The leaves turn yellow, as a rule, according to the natural cycle of the life of the culture or due to the actions of the grower. In any case, to rush to conclusions is never necessary. First, it is necessary to determine the nature of yellowing, analyze care, remember that, like any other plants, zamiokulkas also changes foliage from time to time.

First, determine the nature of yellowing.

In a short period of time, the yellow leaves will not destroy the culture. This is only the first signal that notifies of the problem, but not the last, so there is always time to resolve the strange symptom, the main thing is not to delay it.

Causes of sharp yellowing of leaves in Zamioculkas

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The money tree is unpretentious in care, so it is especially surprising when the foliage begins to turn yellow for no particular reason. In this case, the question immediately arises: what to do and why did yellow leaves appear at all? A sharp yellowing of the foliage occurs for natural reasons or due to improper care.

  1. Natural yellowing of foliage

This phenomenon is caused by plant growth. Zamiokulkas grows rather slowly both in the natural environment and at home. As they grow, new leaves appear, and old ones, for quite natural reasons, fade, turn yellow and fall off. This is normal for the plant, because the forces go to the development of young foliage, and to maintain the vital activity of old leaves of nutrients is not enough. In this case, there is no need to wonder what to do. It is necessary to accept this as a fact and from time to time simply remove the fallen leaves in or near the pot.

Natural yellowing of foliage

Interesting! Some varieties of Zamiokulkas have yellow spots on the surface from nature!

To understand that the reason is natural is very easy. The plant, despite the yellowed leaves, continues to form new leaves, pagons grow, the color of most of the crown is green.

  1. Improper care

Often the reason for the sharp yellowing of the leaves of zamiokulkas is improper care at home.

  • Lighting should be diffused. Sunlight culture is necessary, but only up to 6 hours a day. If the zamiokulkas stay long in the sun, the leaves will turn yellow and brown burns will appear. Airing on the street can be carried out in the early morning or in the evening when the sun is declining.
  • Temperature conditions must be maintained at the same level. Cold emanating from the window or heat, from heating devices, can adversely affect the color of the leaves. You must ensure that the temperature was about the same every day.

    Wrong care. Waterlogging

  • Watering is moderate. Under natural conditions, this plant gets quite a lot of water, but without surplus. During the period of active growth - from spring to autumn, you need to water the plant quite often, so that the earth only dries out a little, but never dry! In winter, watering is minimized.
Important! If the soil is cracked and begins to lag behind the pot - this is a sign of an acute shortage of water.
  • Top dressing is carried out only once a year from spring to autumn. If you overfeed the culture or feed it too often, the culture will simply begin to fade. Initially, the leaves of the zamiokulkas turn yellow, but then the root also suffers. In winter, feeding is not carried out at all.

What to do to save the plant

Knowing why the leaves on zamiokulkas turn yellow, you can determine the method of eliminating the problem.

  • If the irrigation was improperly carried out and the ground is too moist, it is necessary to pull the plant out of the wet soil, remove the excess soil that is picked around by hands, and then check the root system. If there is rot at the root, it is cut and the sections are treated with crushed activated charcoal tablet. After that, the culture is planted in a new, dry soil.

    If there is rot at the root, it is cut off

  • If watering was not enough the plant is not enough just to water. The first thing you need to get a plant, and inspect the roots. If there are damaged ones, they are, as in the first case, cut off and treated with activated carbon. Now the plant is planted in a new pot, with a new earth and watered after transplanting. If properly adjusted humidity, then zamiokulkas quickly revive and go to growth.
  • If the cause of the yellowing of the foliage was the wrong light or temperature, then you need to change the place for the pot. But the place is changed gradually so that there are no sudden drops, otherwise the money tree will experience considerable stress.
Important! When growing Zamiokulkas, you need to remember that it is better not to feed the plant than to overfeed it. This culture does not need frequent feeding, it grows slowly, and therefore does not consume much of the nutrients from the earth.
  • When the plant has suffered from an abundance of fertilizing, all that can be done is to transplant it into a new soil and just wait until it starts to move away. New feedings should not be made until the plant is completely gone and does not grow again. Then, no earlier than 6 months (if the time does not fall for the winter), you can add dressing.

Yellow leaves after transplanting Zamioculkasa

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Sometimes flower growers say that after transplantation, zamiokulkas begin to turn yellow, and then the leaves fall. The reason why this happens is because the root was damaged during the extraction of the plant. But this does not mean that the culture will die, you can save it, if you start immediately to take retaliatory measures.

Transplanting into a larger pot with replacement of soil and full pruning of the shoots.

First of all, the flower is pulled out of the pot, and its root is examined. All damaged places on the root will be slightly refractory - this is clearly visible. They need to be cut to a healthy tissue, and then treated with a charcoal cut area to disinfect. After that, the root should dry up so that the moisture can evaporate. After that, you can plant the plant again, but in a new soil.

Interesting! It happens that when dividing the root on a small root, many branches remain. As a result, the plant lacks strength for such a load, and therefore the leaves of the zamiokulkas begin to turn yellow. As soon as the roots increase in volume, the flower will stop turning yellow and grow again.

Pests and their danger

Pests often cause yellow foliage of zamiokulkas. What to do if pests appear on the plant? First, you need to determine their nature, type, and then destroy it by means of the mechanical method, as well as spraying with insecticides.

Zamioculcas is most often exposed to invasions of aphids, scutes, spider mites. With the appearance of aphids on the leaves visible dark mucus. Shchitovka can be identified by dark bugs on the stems and leaves, which are similar to growths. The spider mite is recognized by the web on the back of the sheet.

Zamioculcas is most often exposed to invasions of aphids, scale insects and spider mites.

To combat these pests, you can use a soap solution. Per liter of water is taken 30 g of the drug. The resulting liquid is treated with the entire ground part of the culture. The second option is garlic solution (1 crushed head of garlic is taken per liter of water). After the liquid is infused for 7 days, it is sprayed with a plant. If this tool did not help, then you can use insecticides like "Aktara", "Aktellik", "Intavir".

Tips for growing Zamioculcas

The recommendations below will solve the problem of yellowing leaves and help the culture recover faster.

  • When processing root slices, you can add a bit of root formation stimulator to the activated carbon.
  • If the leaves gradually turn yellow, and then become completely colorless, it means that the plant has too little light or food. It is necessary to rearrange it to another window, perhaps it will help. But if it did not help, you will need to make additional feeding.
  • If the florist is afraid to use mineral fertilizers, you can make a dressing for zamiokulkas from humus, egg shells or fresh greens. Infusions on these products are nutritious and no less useful than minerals. Only need to apply them in low concentration!

Zamioculcas is a beautiful culture. If you take care of him properly, he will never bring special problems, but will only attract good luck and financial well-being to the family. If the plant is beginning to turn yellow, you should not get upset beforehand, you need to think about what the reasons may be, solve them, and then the culture will be restored very quickly.