Autoclave Bulat

Homemade canned food has a rich taste and weight of nutrients in the composition, but only if they are properly prepared. Experienced hostesses know that the most useful elements are stored in preservation, cooked in an autoclave. But for many years the device helped prepare the blanks, it is important to choose it correctly. Autoclave Bulat is known for its reliability and high manufacturability. Details on its characteristics can be found in this article.

Features autoclave Bulat

Autoclave Bulat has been known for some years in the Russian market. This is a universal device for home workpieces. Cooking in this machine is quick and easy. The device is convenient in assembly (there is everything necessary in the configuration), without unnecessary functions - everything is strict, in fact. This autoclave has convenient, plastic handles, the case is made of reliable, strong material which will serve not one year.

Photo autoclave Bulat 20 liters or 14 cans of 0.5 liters

If desired, you can also purchase a separate distiller head or a smoking set separately for this autoclave. Distiller includes a flavored steam dryer and a fridge. Nozzle for smoking is presented in the form of durable gratings. It allows you to smoke products not only in nature, but even at home! Up to 11 kg of meat can be smoked at a time!

Autoclave Characteristics

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After examining the characteristics of the autoclave Bulat, you can say for sure how good it is.

  • The body is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2-3 mm.
  • Volume - 20 liters.
  • Tank diameter - 317 mm.
  • The height of the autoclave with a lid is 395 mm.
  • Weight after assembly - 8.5 kg.
  • Cassettes are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm.
  • The cassettes are equipped with a convenient handle for installation and removal from the autoclave.
  • The cover is fixed in 6 places!
  • There is a tap to drain hot water.
  • The device holds 14 cans of 0.5 liters, the same cans of 0.7 liters each, 5 liters containers and 1 three-liter can.
  • The device can work on various types of stoves: induction, gas, glass-ceramic, electric.
  • The cost of the autoclave is 14,800 rubles. Smokehouse price 1990 rubles, and the distiller - 2490 rubles.

Wall thickness of the autoclave Bulat

Important! Using the autoclave is very convenient. Banks before laying dishes do not need sterilization, and during operation of the device, contact with hot steam is completely excluded!

The package includes:

  • tank autoclave with a tap to drain the water;
  • cap;
  • silicone gasket under the cover;
  • a set of cassettes;
  • nuts - 6 pieces and a key;
  • bimetallic thermometer, manometer;
  • automatic pressure relief valve;
  • hose to relieve excess pressure;
  • instruction;
  • warranty;
  • a book with recipes.

Characteristics of the autoclave Bulat Bogatyr

Photo autoclave Bulat Bogatyr 26 liters or 21 banks of 0.5 liters

Bulat Bogatyr autoclave is a more massive device, larger. It is suitable in the event that closes a lot of home canned food, stew, canned fish. But externally and in quality, the configuration of these devices are identical.

The characteristics of the autoclave Bulat Bogatyr are slightly different from the qualities of a simple apparatus Bulat.

  • Volume - 26 liters.
  • Tank diameter - 317 mm.
  • The height of the autoclave with a lid is 509 mm.
  • The weight of the device is 12 kg.
  • The autoclave Bogatyr holds 21 half-liter jars, 14 cans of 0.7 l each, 10 liter containers and one three-liter one.
  • Cost - 17900 rubles.
Important! When using an autoclave, homemade cooking becomes elementary! All work is performed by the apparatus. All that needs to be done is to load the cans into it and then get the already prepared preservation.

The cartridges for cans which are included in the package of the autoclave Bulat

Autoclave instruction manual

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Before using the autoclave Bulat, carefully studied the instruction manual. So, how to use the device?

  • The first thing you need to get an autoclave, disassemble it, rinse if it is dusty or dirty.
  • Canned food is preserved in cans, canned fish, stew, or any other dish, and then the containers are sealed. Sterilizing jars or lids before twisting is optional.
  • Banks are placed in cassettes and installed in an autoclave.
  • In the autoclave Bulat water is poured so that the upper edge of the liquid was 2-3 cm above the lid of the upper canister.
Interesting! Canned food and preservation cooked in an autoclave, do not explode, because they undergo high-quality heat treatment!

Nozzle distiller for moonshine to autoclave Bulat

  • Now put the silicone gasket, and the autoclave is closed with a lid. It is fixed with nuts, with a key that comes in the kit.
  • The automatic pressure relief valve is put in place. A steam hose is placed on the fitting and lowered into any bowl or water. But you need to fix it so that the pressure does not knock out the hose.
  • The autoclave is placed on the stove, the middle fire is turned on.
  • When the temperature in the autoclave reaches the desired level, the gas is reduced to a minimum and the dishes are prepared in an autoclave according to the recipe, as much time as necessary.
  • After the conservation is prepared, you must turn off the stove. When the temperature in the autoclave drops to 45 degrees, you can relieve the pressure with a safety valve.
  • The water from the autoclave is drained with a tap. It remains to open the lid and get preservation.
Important! Do not open the lid or tap to drain the water until the autoclave has cooled to a temperature of 45 degrees or less!

After use, the autoclave must be washed, then dried and stored.

Set of grids for smoking in the autoclave Bulat

Reviews autoclave Bulat

The autoclave Bulat, like many similar types of this apparatus, has many positive reviews, but there are a lot of complaints about it.

  • Artem Schitorets: "This summer I decided to buy an autoclave so that it was easier to prepare the preservation, especially since I really like making fish stew. Bulat Bogatyr autoclave chose from reviews and recommendations on the Internet and unfortunately, the purchase did not pay off. After the first use, problems began “the studs are crooked, there is no sealing, and even the cassettes for the cans are uneven (on the one hand the banks stand normally, but on the other they fall out). In general, sheer disappointment!"
  • Larisa Ant: “I bought the autoclave Bulat Bogatyr, because with him time is greatly saved during conservation. The unit is reliable, durable, and during operation it is clear that the vapor is not permeable. The volume of my canister is 26 liters. Cooked preservation is beyond praise that the purchase is satisfied. The main problems of this device are inaccurate measuring instruments, inconvenient modular keys in the kit. "
  • Catherine Bogdaniec: “Bulat’s use of an autoclave is not the first time. He has both advantages and disadvantages. I consider ease of use as a plus, something that fits 21 half-liter cans at a time. Canned food is natural. The device cooks on an electric stove and a gas stove. 1 three-liter can. It is impractical - for the sake of one can to start an autoclave! "
  • Semyon Kuchenko: "Since I work on conservation annually, I decided to finally buy an autoclave. The choice fell on Bulat's autoclave. I ordered it via the Internet, for the promotion, I came quickly in good packaging. The device itself looks reliable and also showed itself well. stainless steel. On the tank there are handles, which is convenient. The gasket under the cover is durable, will last more than one year, other parts also inspire confidence, only I didn’t like the key for the nuts - it is inconvenient, and the clamp is not provided on the nozzle. Here are some details only. turer came without proper attention, unfortunately. "