How to plant melon seedlings

Best of all the melon grows if it is planted in the open ground not seeds, but seedlings. The problem is that very few people know about this plant, and the features of its cultivation. The article will talk about how to plant melon seedlings, what are the time of planting and plant care.

What sort of melon to choose?

In principle, all varieties of melons are recommended to be germinated before planting in open ground. Small shoots are much stronger than seeds. So, there is a high probability of a good harvest. The only thing that is important to pay attention to when buying - the time of ripening culture.

Depending on the region of cultivation, it is necessary to purchase one or another variety.

Varieties of melon ripening

  • Early crops ("Lyubushka", "Barnaulka", "Cinderella", "Assol F1") are suitable for cold, northern cities. They are grown in a greenhouse, but the yield is fast, which reduces the possible risks to a minimum.
  • Mid-season varieties ("Early 133", "Amal F1", "Nectarine", "Collective Farmer 753") are recommended for the middle zone of Asia and Europe. Such a melon is distinguished by sweetness, despite the short time of ripening.
  • Late-ripening melons ("Pineapple", "Torpedo", "Wintering", "Golden") are best planted in the southern regions, where there is a lot of sun and heat even in mid-autumn.

When to plant melon seedlings?

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Depending on the location of the cottage or vegetable garden, different options should be considered, how and when to plant melon on the seedlings. On average, it is done a month before planting in open ground or a greenhouse. So, in the southern regions, if you do it at all - you can start from the end of March - the beginning of April, in the middle belt seedlings are planted in mid-April, and in the northern regions it is harvested around May and grown exclusively in the greenhouse.

By the time of planting in open ground, it is important that one temperature be established outside. If there are still recurrent colds, the plant will not survive or produce a bad crop.

How to prepare and plant seeds for seedlings?

Preparation of melon seeds for seedlings

Having decided on the grade and terms, you can proceed to the main question - how to plant melon on seedlings? All sowing is divided into several stages.

  1. The selection of seeds should be carried out, even if they are purchased and a good company. Marriage is not excluded anywhere, and it can be easily identified in 3% saline solution - all dummies will float.
  2. After the previous paragraph, the seeds should preferably be disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate. Some summer residents recommend them to germinate after that, others insist that it is dangerous and should be planted into the ground right away. That is the choice solely for the gardener. In the first case, the seeds are soaked in a damp cloth and ripen for several days until a sprout appears, and then it is planted in the ground. From time to time they are opened to air.
  3. When the seeds are ready for planting - the soil is prepared. The land is made of equal parts of peat, turf and humus (can be replaced with compost). If desired, sand or ashes can be added to this composition (1 cup per bucket of earth). After the earth is mixed, it is necessary to pour it with a solution of potassium permanganate or boiling water, to sanitize, you can do without it, but then weeds and pests in cups of seedlings are not excluded.
  4. Tare for the earth can be either in the form of plastic or in the form of peat cups, which can be found in the garden shop.
  5. The earth is poured into a glass, poured over with water, then two indentations of 1.5–2 cm are made and one seed germinated in them. Crops need to cover with plastic wrap and clean in a warm place. At a temperature of 25 degrees shoots appear on day 5.

How to care for melon seedlings?

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How to plant melon seeds

In addition, how to plant melon seedlings, it is worth exploring the issue and how to take care of it. After all, even if not in the open field, but the plant in the form of seedlings should receive proper care.

  • As soon as the loops of sprouts appear, the container is moved to a cooler (20 degrees Celsius) and sunny place.
  • Two seeds are sown in a cup, but usually only one is sprouting. When a second sprout appears, it is worth removing or transplanting it - perhaps it will survive.
  • For a seedling pot, only a sunny window, greenhouse, home greenhouse will do. If those are not available, it is worth asking for help to modern technologies. Under a fluorescent lamp, seedlings grow quite rapidly.
  • Light day for melon should last 12-15 hours. Therefore, it is artificially prolonged with the same fluorescent lamp.
  • The plant does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. In the afternoon, the thermometer should be 25-30 degrees, at night - at least 15 above zero, and the soil temperature should ideally reach 20-30 degrees Celsius. Threats of frost should not be. If there are suspicions - it is worth building a greenhouse at home, in which a single temperature will always be maintained.
  • After the appearance of the third leaf, the plant is pinched so that it develops the root system and lateral sprouts (where there will be more female flowers), rather than striving upwards.
  • Water as the topsoil dries. Moderate watering is important, since excess moisture will cause the roots to rot.
  • Feeding is needed, but not often - only twice. In the first - on the 14th day after germination, and the second time a week before planting in open ground.